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Black Museum

The Black Museum was a crime drama series produced by Harry Alan Towers for the BBC. The program drew on real-life cases from the files of Scotland Yard's Black Museum in England. Orson Welles was both the host and narrator for the series' stories of horror and mystery.

Each show opens with Orson Wells' solemn monologue, "This is Orson Welles, speaking from London. The Black Museum . . . a repository of death . . ."

There are 52 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The .22 Caliber Pistol unknown
The Bathtub unknown
The Black Gladstone Bag unknown
The Bloodstained Brickbat unknown
The Brass Button unknown
A Tin Can of Weed Killer unknown
The Canvas Bag unknown
The Car Tire unknown
The Champagne Glass unknown
A Claw Hammer unknown
The Door Key unknown
The Faded Tartan Scarf unknown
The Four Small Bottles unknown
A French-English Dictionary unknown
The Gas Receipt unknown
The Glass Shards unknown
The Hammerhead unknown
The Jack Handle unknown
A Jar of Acid unknown
The Khaki Handkerchief unknown
The Lady's Shoe unknown
The Leather Bag unknown
A Letter unknown
The Mandolin String unknown
Meat Juice unknown

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